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How a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Time and Money

Virtual Assistant Cost-Saving Measures

We’re all trying to learn to do more with less. You want to scale your business but not make a huge upfront investment. Acquiring new clients means more work, but do you have the time to pull away from your daily operations.

As a business owner, you have to save money wherever you can. More importantly, you have to make the right cost-saving decisions so you do not compromise on quality or customer service. Overspend on research and development and your ROI shrinks. Underspend on the customer experience and you’ll see your customers heading down the road to your competitor.

One place we know you can save money is in staffing. Not by underpaying your employees or skimping on benefits. In fact, at Milrich Virtual Professionals we recommend you skip the benefits and the salaries altogether. Virtual assistants present a much more economical approach to staffing your business that allows you to leave out the added overhead charges.

Here are some ways to save money with your Milrich VA:

Give clear instructions

In some ways, overseeing a virtual assistant is similar to managing traditional staff. When you want a specific outcome, you have to make the instructions clear. Give your virtual assistant detailed instructions, preferably in writing when convenient. Making sure your VA understands what you want will cut down on the amount of time needed to complete the task by ensuring time is not wasted with false starts and unexpected results. Time management is one skill all of our virtual assistants possess.

Assign repetitive tasks

Repetition of mundane tasks makes your day busy and dull at the same time. Those are the sort of tasks you want to assign to your virtual assistant. Doing so frees up your time to tackle the more interesting, creative projects in your business. Those repetitive tasks, however, can also save you money. Milrich Virtual Professionals cost you by the hour. Repetitive tasks, once learned can be accomplished in less time.

Establish a routine

Did you ever notice that what saves you time saves money, as well? Establishing a routine with your virtual assistant saves you time by taking some of the interruptions out of your day. Routines also work well for helping your virtual assistant get through the workday more efficiently. As you know, time is money.

Review completed projects

This may be the biggest time/money saver of all. When your virtual assistant completes a project, don’t let it sit on a pile while he goes on his next task. Take a few minutes to review the work to be sure it is what you wanted. If necessary, it is easier for your virtual assistant to revise the project right away, while the work is fresh, rather than after she has gone on to something else.

Get the right person for the job

You need a virtual assistant whose skills match the tasks you plan to assign. You will get the most efficient (cost-effective) work from a virtual assistant with digital marketing experience to run your social media campaigns, for example. A scheduler may not be proficient in data analysis or website creation project management and the extra time it will take to get the job done right would be an unnecessary expense.

Milrich Virtual Professionals are carefully screened, trained, and matched with our clients, so you get the most professional experience every time. Whether you need help with marketing, data entry, scheduling, or any other specific tasks, a Milrich VA will save you time and money.


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