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How’s Your Email Inbox?

Email Clutter!

What does your email box look like? Is it filled with week old emails or is it filtered through and neatly filed into the nice organized folders? I’m just curious. When those great project offerings come through from Milrich, are you always missing the opportunity because they are buried amongst the junk “mail” or are you able to snatch them right up because they jump right out at you from that crystal clear inbox of yours?

Let me spill it on disorganized inboxes for a second…. My son plays baseball. I couldn’t understand why his new coach hadn’t contacted us about practice starting. Well, he had. He’s been emailing my husband. They’ve had two practices actually. He didn’t see them because he has over 1,500 emails in there! Can you believe it? Nope me either! But, he does. Just saying it is overwhelming me! And I’m not kidding you when I say 90% of it is junk mail. Poor guy. But geez!!!! It’s insanity in there!

Take advantage of folders!

While my husband’s issue is pretty extreme, overall…. Clutter is a big issue for lots of people in the world of email today. I personally, have five email accounts. Can you believe that? Isn’t it ridiculous? I know, I can’t stand it but I do. It’s not something I can change, it just happens to be how things in my world and my “job” operate. I can’t change that, so I have to change the way I deal with it. I am very organized though. It’s the only way in which I can be efficient. My emails are organized into folders.

For example, if an email is going to take more time than I have at that moment, it goes into a “to do” list. If it’s for reference, it’s printed out and if it’s for a meeting, it goes into my calendar. I don’t want to ever have to search for something when I need it. I have folders for administrative tasks, clients listed under projects, and when new projects come in that I’m interested in, there’s even a folder for those. I know that when someone asks me for data, or information, there will be no delay or anxiety in locating it. When my email piles up, if even for a day, it causes unnecessary stress and there’s no need for that. We have enough of that in our regular day to day lives, don’t we?

So, take a few minutes today and build yourself some folders. Put your active and closed projects in there, so when those new Milrich opportunities flow into your inbox, you can snag them up!

And, if you’d like help…. I’m your email girl! I’m off to delete some emails (my husband will thank me later)!

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