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How to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog

Getting advertisers to your blog is a great way to start accomplishing the goals you set out for your blog! Maybe you have personal goals for your blog that you want to turn into financial goals, company specific expectations that you want to reach or exceed, or you may just want to finally start turning a profit. No matter what the goals, these tips will help you attract the advertisers you seek!

Be Attractive to Advertisers

To attract, you must first be attractive. No, I’m not talking about your selfies or filters for your blog page. I’m talking about a professional look. It should be a look that is pleasing to the eye on a page that is functional. A viewer should be able to click on something on your page and go directly to what was intended. There shouldn’t be any pictures or backgrounds that refuse to load, a font that makes the eyes strain, or so many distractions that an ad would get lost in the mess. The presentation is very important. When an advertiser visits your blog, make sure it is a place they want to return to. This also includes making sure that your blog is compatible with other devices. Many subscribers will access your blog and hopefully the ads from a mobile phone. Advertisers will want to know that your site is mobile-friendly.


There are little things that you can do to promote your blog and get advertisers’ attention. Start by sharing your blog as many places as possible. This does not include spamming other blog comment sections but it does include any and all business and personal social media. Share it when it’s new and fresh and share it again later when people may have forgotten about it. Use tools such as banners to let advertisers know that you are open to ads. You will also want to boost your page ranking to make your blog more marketable. For some great tips and information on how to boost your ranking check out this article: (

Leverage Social Media

Having a large following and involved presence on social media can absolutely help attract advertisers. This is why it is important to use as many social media outlets as you are comfortable with and to keep sharing your blog through every outlet available. Advertisers see those followers as your loyal customers and they want them to be their loyal customers as well. Being involved, having an open dialog, and having evidence of loyalty in the print proves consistency in your brand. Wherever there are loyal customers advertisers will be soon to follow.


If you want something there is nothing wrong with asking for it. You’ll, of course, need to provide the “what’s in it for me” to your target advertisers. Use your stats such as daily traffic, page views, followers, etc. to “sell” yourself to the advertiser. The more successful your blog is the more successful your quest is likely to be. It also helps if you ask the right people. Make sure that you look for advertisers that would be interested in your particular niche or subscriber demographic. Always approach advertisers professionally and confidently. Be prepared before you open the lines of communication and always have a backup plan.

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