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How to Be Fearless and Never Give Up

Think about how you approach your obstacles and goals, are you fearless?  Do you approach them timidly or do you approach them like a warrior?  Ever feel like you fight for the things that you want like a warrior would fight in battle?  Do you feel that you are relentless and unyielding when seeking the things that you want?  If not, what holds you back?  Most often you’ll find that the answer is fear.

Fear can become a barrier that holds you back from so many exciting experiences and opportunities.  It grows into an intangible wall that separates you from who you are and who you want to be.  It can be the one thing that keeps you from achieving what you want and living the life you deserve.

Learn from Children

We often marvel at how children approach the unknown and dangerous.  They run straight ahead barefoot and wide-eyed and there we are running behind them, making sure that we catch them if they fall.  Making sure that we somehow soften the impact, should it happen.  The splendid part is that children often don’t think about the impact.

They have a goal in mind and they are throwing everything they’ve got at it.  They haven’t yet learned what fear is so they don’t have anything to stop them. Though we worry and stress, if we are truly honest with ourselves we are a little jealous. They are fearless and relentless.  They are tiny warriors.

If you want to fight like a warrior and face life like a warrior, then you must learn to be fearless and never give up, and channel your inner toddler/warrior self!

Prepare, Don’t Fear

Fear is only what you allow it to be. It doesn’t exist for children that haven’t yet been taught what it is, so why does it exist for us?  The reason is that we know what the consequences could be.  We’ve fallen down, we’ve broken bones, we’ve failed time and time again and now the reminder of those consequences consumes our fearless side until we are no longer able to summon our inner warrior.  It’s important to remind yourself of a very important word – could.  Just because something can happen doesn’t mean that it will.

I know, I know, Murphy’s law.  But, we are adults with the power of insight.  We can consider and plan for potential risks or pitfalls.  Though at first, planning doesn’t feel like something a warrior would do, we are probably only focusing on the action sequence.  We picture the warrior running straight into battle, weapon in the air, game face on, and we just know he’s going to win.  Why?  Because he knows he’s going to win.  He’s trained, he knows his enemy, he is confident in his ability, and he is ready.

Instead of thinking about what could happen and letting it keep you from battle, know what you’ll do if it does.  Believe in yourself and believe that you are a warrior.  Destroy your fears of the unknown with preparation and confidence.  Your inner warrior will be fearless and prepared.


If we allow ourselves enough time for the fear to creep in we can talk ourselves out of just about anything.  The problem is that we should be working on talking ourselves INTO things.  I’m not saying that we should eliminate the preparation or jump in before we are ready.  What I am saying is that you have to let go of second-guessing and waiting for the perfect moment.

You know what your goal is, you’ve outlined your plan of action, and you’ve prepared yourself for the potential outcomes. Now, what? Don’t wait, act! Do the scary thing! You are ready and you are fearless! Don’t overthink it or convince yourself that there will be a perfect time to take action.  The perfect time is now!

Never, Ever Give Up

The thing that deters a lot of potentially great warriors from a battle is knowing that there may be another battle close behind.  It’s possible that after tackling any significant task that there may just be more hard work to follow.  That’s okay.  Accept that you may have to fight again and that you may even lose. You may have to completely start over and rethink your strategy, retrain, learn more, work harder.  So what?

There is nothing more satisfying than a well-fought victory.  Look something impossible right in the eye before you tackle it.  You’ll learn from every defeat.  You will get stronger from every training session.  You’ll get smarter every time you have to come up with a new strategy.

A warrior never gives up!  You fight until you win!  Make it your mantra, write it on your mirror, chant it on your morning commute, or sing it in the shower.  Just make sure that you believe it and fight until you win!

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