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Hybrid Home Office – 11 Tips for Making Great Hybrid Workplaces

There are ways to get creative when it comes to making a hybrid home office. Reclaiming, refurbishing, and DIYs are all the rage. You probably have a Pinterest board full of ideas right now. Some projects that you’d love to do, some you’ve started and not finished, some that didn’t turn out quite the way you’d hoped, some that you’ll never do and the ones that turned out amazing.

Whether we want to hang on to items for their charm, the emotional attachment, or because we can’t afford a replacement, there are bound to be some multi-functional pieces in your home, office, or future. There are endless possibilities, and if you’ve stayed up late at night looking through pin after pin, then you already know that. I recently turned a broken floor television into a quiet sanctuary for my dog. So, why stop at lamps, shelves, and mason jars? Let’s look at some great ideas to save space, reuse, or just save time and money when it comes to creating a space to work in; some obvious and some that take a little creativity.

1. Get Out!

On the more obvious side of things, there are many possibilities outside the home if you can pack light. The park, coffee shop, local restaurant, library, college, or even your own backyard can serve as a workspace with some obvious perks. Just be prepared before you head out and make sure you are charged up if you are opting for a natural backdrop.

2. Lap Desks and Wheels

In a pinch, a lap desk or small rolling computer table can give you an instant workspace that’s portable and doesn’t require a lot of space.

3. Put Your Work Where Your Mouth Is

A kitchen table or baker’s rack can easily be changed into a dual function space. Adding shelves, a tuck away the chair, or choose a dining table with drawer space to allow you to stop one task and start a different one in no time.

4. Wall Space

Simply finding a corner or section of a wall in your home that you can add shelving to and either a tuck-under or roll chair can save space and money. Just make sure that it doesn’t block or interfere with shared space and cause constant interruption.

5. Walls and Stairs

If space and not cost is the issue, then adding an office nook in a wall or stairs is just as easy as adding drawers or shelves in these spaces. Just be ready for a more complicated, but unique DIY project.

6. Closet

Need to make a room multifunctional but don’t have a lot of space? Remove the closet door and add shelves, a table, or bench inside for a study nook or small office space.

7. Foldaway

A collapsible table and chair can be easy to store as well as assemble. In a crunch, this will give you the flexibility of placement and be hidden when not in use.

8. Sharing

If being able to fit more than one workspace in the same area is your problem, then you can always share. Invest in a larger desk or partitions instead of trying to fit two desks into your space.

9. Hybrid Home Office – No Desk, No Problem

You don’t have to be conventional when creating a hybrid home office. Filing cabinets, an old picnic table, dining table, sofa table, or even an old door with something to prop up each end (filing cabinets, short shelves) can fill in as a desk when you either don’t have one or just want to use something unique.

10. Hide It

An armoire or multimedia cabinet can be transformed into a workspace that can easily be hidden away with the right shelf spacing and chair.

11. Entryway

By tucking two stools or chairs under your entryway or mudroom catchall table, you can have a workspace that’s ready when you are and serves many needs.

What’s your idea, funny story, or go to for hybrid home office space? Comment below and let us know!

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