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Managing Social Media Accounts Through Outsourcing

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Taking the time to develop and manage a social media strategy, create engaging content, and physically implement this plan can be very time consuming. Nonetheless, for social media to be effective for your business, consistency is the key. So how do you maintain consistency with limited time and resources? Let’s take a look!

Is a Website Enough?

You may be asking yourself ,“I have a website, isn’t that enough?” According to DigitalSherpa, 75% of US businesses still don’t have a website and over 95% of those businesses with websites plan to spend the same amount or more on digital media this year compared to previous years.

Why? The internet is an open market and they found great value in online marketing. Businesses with an online presence who engage online with their customers have the greatest advantage in gaining new business while increasing customer retention.

Managing Social Media Through Outsourcing

You may be thinking, “I see the value, but I don’t need one more responsibility to add to my list.” This is true, you don’t want to add undue stress. However, according to, from 2010-2012 the number of businesses who outsourced their social media marketing responsibilities to a professional Social Media Marketing Managers has increased from 14% to 32%.

So what this could be saying is that those who are outsourcing their social media are delegating this responsibility to others to improve their own time management and gain a more consistent presence on their social media accounts.

How We Can Help:

Hiring a Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC. Social Media Marketing Manager, and leveraging your resources, can help you manage your social media accounts effectively and efficiently. Our professional social media marketing staff will help build your online brand, engage with your customers, increase business retention, and effectively market for new business.

  1. Contact us at Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC to schedule a social media consultation. Phone: 888.507.0779 x222 Email:

  2. Set up a phone consultation with one of our Social Media Managers and discuss the following:

  3. Current social media status

  4. Brand identity

  5. Business principles/industry standards

  6. Target audience (who are your current customers/who are you trying to reach)

  7. Purpose: Awareness vs. Online Conversation

  8. Online personality for your business (tone)

  9. Goals for social media marketing

  10. Strategy recommendations

  11. Hire a Milrich Social Media Manager

  12. Relax, we’re hired and here to help!

We look forward to working with you and your social media marketing needs!

If you would like more information on other Milrich Virtual Professionals’ services, visit our website at

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