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Publicly Upset Customers – 3 Things To Remember This Holiday Season

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Every company has to deal with critics, but with the advent of social media, public criticism can no longer be ignored. Publicly upset customers is a given. Handling these issues effectively is crucial to the success of your business, especially with the Holiday Season in full swing. Here are 3 important things to remember:

#1 Choose Wisely

You have to deal with upset customers head-on if you want to stay ahead of the game. That’s why it is imperative that the employee you have appointed to reply to online criticism has a calm, cool, and collected head. Facing negativity can be a difficult job, even when it isn’t personal. A level-headed individual is your ideal choice. They can also help others who have to deal with upset customers stay calm as well. So be sure to choose wisely.

#2 Apologize

Always apologize for the error on your company’s part. Even if you don’t feel like the customer is right, it’s important to put out the proverbial fire. Publicly upset customers are going to talk about their negative experience publicly, and it’s your company’s job to turn their experience around.

#3 Make Them Happy

After you apologize, it’s important to make the upset customer happy, within reason. Do your best to make sure your customer’s grievance is reversed. There will be situations where the customer is not right, and whatever the customer wants is unfair, but a simple apology and a reiteration of your company policy can help on some occasions.

However be careful when you talk about your company policy to upset customers, this can further anger some. Explaining your company’s policies can help a customer see that your hands are tied, but just be aware that this can fuel the fire sometimes. So be prepared.

Wrapping It Up

Publicly responding to customer’s complaints can go a long way. It shows you are taking responsibility for your mistake and attempting to fix it. Do what you can do to attempt to resolve the issue and make them happy. However, don’t bankrupt your company or lose your job over it. Remember to stay cool, calm, and collected, and you can ensure upset customers are going to stick around.

Have a crazy story about a publicly upset customer? We would love to hear how you handled it! Tell is in the comments below.

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