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Rejuvenate Through Yoga – Revisiting the ‘3 p.m. Slump’

So you’ve beaten the3 p.m. slump, but are looking for deeper stretches, more relaxation techniques, and new ways to rejuvenate and power through your day. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Once again you will need to clear your desk, unplug and shut down y our devices and start to let your mind go.


Clear your mind.

First, start by deepening your breath through long inhales and exhales through the nose. Close the eyes, clear the mind and start to let go. Do a minute or two of calm breathing to clear your mind.

Now start to roll your shoulders and release tension in the upper body. Roll a few times forward and back for about 1 minute. Then slowly release and open the eyes.

Bring hands together.
Stretch to each side.

Next, sweep the arms up, bring the hands together to and stretch to each side and lift up for a slight backbend. Make sure to lift up from the upper body, relax the shoulders down and ease into each stretch. As you exhale, deepen the stretch. Hold each stretch for 5-15 breaths.

Come back to center and twist to each side. Standing up tall, bring arms shoulder height and twist from the lower belly and lower back. During every inhale stand up a bit taller and as you exhale twist deeper. This is great to work the lower back from sitting a desk all day and gets good oxygen and blood flow back to the internal organs. A nice mini massage for the insides!

Twisting stretches

Hopefully, you can get up next to your desk and try out some warrior poses. Working in some warrior poses will help you center, relax and let go. The deeper the lunge in the leg, the deeper the stretch. You can close your eyes here if you feel comfortable.

Yoga Warrior Poses

1. Start with warrior one pose. You will step your right foot forward into a deep lunge keeping the knee right in line with the hip. Your left back leg should be turned at about a 45-degree angle, straight with the kneecap lifted and engaged. Sweep the arms up, relax the shoulders down, and hold. Keep in the warrior pose about 5-10 breaths. Deeping the lunge if you can as you exhale. Drop the hands down and switch legs.

Warrior One pose
Warrior Two pose

2. Next, try warrior two pose. Again, step the right foot forward and lunge as you step the left leg back and turn the foot parallel to the wall behind you. Stretch the arms at shoulder height and relax the shoulders down. Gaze over your front hand. Relax into the pose and deepen the lunge as you exhale. Make sure you can see your front big toe on the inside of the front knee. Don’t let the knee drop in. Hold the pose 5-10 breaths. Switch sides.

Balance poses


A great way to help ease stress is working balance poses in yoga. Here we will try an easy balance of tree pose. Start by standing up tall. Pull the belly in, roll the shoulders back and calm the breath. Shift the weight to the left foot to start. Bring the right foot up to the ankle, calf or all the way to the inner thigh. Pull up on the left hip, lower belly and stand up tall. Lengthen the right knee sideways, bring hands to heart center, and hold. Hold this pose 10-20 slow breaths. You can deepen this pose by looking up, sweeping the arms up in branches, or closing the eyes.

Pashimotanasana pose

After you’ve worked these yoga poses, start to calm the breath, stretch your legs long in front of you. Flex the feet, sit up tall and fold over in pashimotanasana pose, forward fold stretch. Grab to your feet, calves or ankles. Relax and breathe into the stretch. Hold for one minute.

Rejuvenate with Savasana

Now that you’re stretched out, sit back at your desk, clear the space and rest your head on the desk to come right into a short savasana, final resting pose. Close the eyes, clear the mind and completely let go for 2-3 minutes.

Slowly start to sit up, stretch the arms, and roll the neck to rejuvenate. Wake up from savasana feeling refreshed and renewed.

If you are still looking for more tips to further rejuvenate, check out Everything You Need to Know About Yoga and Pilates and The Science Behind Why Meditation Makes You So Much Happier – Infographic so you can enjoy a perfect refresher for your day!

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