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Responsibilities – Identifying and Managing the Hats You Wear

We are often balancing many responsibilities, tasks, emotions, and personality traits all at once.  None of us could easily or willingly define ourselves in one word or category.  We are all many things at once.  A sister, a teacher, a son, a mother, a manager, a writer, an entrepreneur, a cook, the list could go on and on.  We are never simply just one thing.  We are also very seldom doing just one thing.   So, it makes perfect sense that we don’t wear just one hat.  We often wear multiple hats.  But, are we wearing the right ones?  And, exactly how many hats should you be wearing?

Take Attendance

We are busy all the time.  It’s very likely that you don’t even know how many hats you are juggling.  Take some time to think about the different roles in your life and determine how many hats you are wearing at any given time.  Think about your personal and professional life and all the responsivities that each one entails.  Once you know how many hats are in attendance you can start evaluating the wardrobe.

Establish A Core

Your hats are going to overlap a lot and sometimes that’s going to be okay.  What’s not okay is when a secondary role overshadows one that is more imperative and things get missed, relationships get damaged, or work performance suffers.  That’s why it is important to establish what hats you wear at your core.  It could be the mother, coach, wife, CEO, caregiver, artist, marathon runner, or best friend.  They will be different for everyone. The point is to establish which responsibilities are most important to you.  These are the hats that make up your core.  They are the ones that you are not willing to trade off for another that isn’t as vital to your overall goals and happiness.

Business Hats

For most of us, our business hats are just as important as our personal ones.  We have professional goals, ambitions, and we take our careers seriously.  We also know that the more successful we are professionally, the more comfortable we are personally.  Managing what hats you wear professionally is as easy as defining what drives success in your current role and what your goals are for the future.  Keeping those two key things in mind will help you avoid taking on roles that are not productive or may cause setbacks in your overall success.

Personal Hats

Personal hats are often shrouded in emotion.  It’s likely that for some of us these hats make up our core and every other hat we wear is simply a means to an end.  They are often the driving force that gives us the motivation and strength to wear all the other hats that we need to.  The important thing to remember is that these hats should never have a negative impact on our self-worth or overall happiness.  This is where tough reflection and decisions have to be made.  Step back and examine the roles that you are taking on personally.  Eliminate toxic situations, people, and feelings from your life.  Self-reflection and positivity are important in finding the right fit.

Which Responsibilities Do I Choose?

The answer is that you don’t.  You can’t choose just one, sometimes you’ll grow out of them and sometimes they will be chosen for you.  Goldilocks had it right by trying out her options.  You shouldn’t limit yourself and you shouldn’t keep wearing a hat that just doesn’t fit.  Wear the hats that serve a purpose, push you towards your goals, and make you happy.  Ultimately the hats you choose will determine who you are and what you will become.

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