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Ruminating – 5 Strategies To Stop Ruminating In Its Tracks

The problem with ruminating, or having that “broken record” stuck in your head, is that it’s generally not healthy. Don’t get me wrong, there is always a healthy level of addressing issues and assessing the lesson to be had. I get that and I think there is always something to be learned along our path. It’s when things become helpless and we get ourselves “stuck” in that pattern that causes distress. We become paralyzed and pre-occupied with negativity. No one wants to be there; not us and not the people that love us.

5 Strategies To Stop Ruminating

  1. Positivity; for every negative thought, think of two positive thoughts. Right now, I’m thinking of how wonderful it’s been that I have found such a wonderful group of friends that allow me to share my thoughts, both negative and positive, each week. I’m also thinking that this time of day is the best because I can hear the kids playing outside, laughing.

  2. Problem-solving; start brainstorming. When I’m in this space, I’m no longer thinking analytically but rather emotionally so I will go back to my analytical problem-solving skills!

  3. Self-reflection; focus on concrete questions and solutions. Did I cause it? Can I change it?

  4. Meditation; focus on breathing and allow the thoughts to flow through as if watching a parade float. I will acknowledge the thought as it passes, thank it, and let it go.

  5. Be artistic; let your creative juices flow. If I can’t let things go, then I will allow them to work through me, with my hands. It doesn’t matter how; drawing, painting, journaling, jewelry making, etc… but I will allow something beautiful to come from my soul.

Do you have more great ideas to help with ruminating? Please share them in the comments section below.

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