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SEO Management Tasks For Your Virtual Assistant

SEO management is an important part of your online business strategy, and these days online is probably carrying your business. Before the pandemic, you could count on in-person business development, but since March 2020 we’re living almost exclusively in a virtual world. If you were able to make the transition from in-person to online with only a few hiccups, consider yourself a success.

Because SEO management is so important to your business, you want to handle it yourself. That’s how all dedicated business owners operate, right? But, it is also time-consuming and taking you away from your customers and your core business. Here are some tasks you can delegate to a virtual SEO assistant:

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords for your business is the foundation of creating an SEO strategy that works to grow your visibility on the internet. Did you know that “walking dog” gets significantly more search traffic than “dog walker,” and “pet sitter” ranks below both of them? If you employed a virtual assistant to do keyword research for you (and you have a dog walking business) you would know this. Keyword research also needs to be repeated and updated regularly. Today’s hot topics will be replaced by something new in three days.

Building Links

Part of your in-person networking strategy is to align yourself with other related businesses and to become known to the top performers in your industry. This concept translates to online business through links. Your SEO assistant can research other websites your business should be affiliated with and find the right choices for you to follow on social media. Linking to the right websites and getting those businesses to link to your website are important aspects of SEO that VA help could accomplish for your business.

Optimizing Content

Every word you put on your website is potentially analyzed by search engines to decide your ranking for any particular search. Optimizing your content to attract the right type of attention is an important part of SEO management that your virtual assistant can accomplish. Creating new content is also important because the search engines like websites that are not static. A virtual writing assistant could boost your SEO by creating relevant content with your keywords.

Social Media Management

You might think that social media management is not part of your SEO strategy, but it should be. If you Google your name, you will probably find that your LinkedIn or Facebook profile comes up in the top ten results. This is because those social media sites have established dominance in the search results over time and through sheer volume of content. Social media sites have a tremendous amount of search value, so you want to include yours in your SEO management plan. Getting SEO help from your virtual assistant should extend to managing your social media accounts.

Data Reporting

Don’t forget the most critical part of SEO for your business plan, reporting. As a business owner, you know that SEO and any other strategies you employ to grow your business ultimately have one purpose — to grow your business. Coming up first in search engine results has no value if you cannot tie it to increased sales, and that’s where data reporting comes in. Your virtual assistant can prepare a weekly report for you that you can use to monitor the success of your business and make changes to your strategies when necessary.

Delegating these five tasks to a virtual SEO assistant will free up your time to get back to servicing your customers, winning new clients, and executing your overall plan for business growth.


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