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Staying Focused- Adjusting to Change

I’m sure, by now, most of us have noticed that summer has departed and a change of seasons is upon us. The kids are now back in school, baseball’s been replaced by soccer, and for some of us we can just feel it in our bones.

New Seasons = New Routine

For most of us, a change in seasons means a change in our daily routine and issues with staying focused. I know for me, and people in my part of the country, the new routine may soon include leaving for school or work a little early, so we can reduce our driving speed to avoid an unplanned slide into a ditch because of snow and ice.

Regardless of where you live, a change in seasons is going to require a period of adjustment to get into the groove of the new routine. The distractions inherent in this process can cause us to give less attention to the things that most need our attention.

This being the case, we need to make a special effort on staying focused on those things. At Milrich, our reputation of quality and integrity must always be maintained; we need to diligently consider each project worthy of our utmost effort and attention. Scheduling our work time is a must, especially when so many other things are just waiting like Piranhas to consume it.

Staying focused is also easier if our workstation is free from distractions. For many, that means a bastion of solitude and quiet with a locked door between you and anyone else who doesn’t respect the value of what you’re doing.

For me, a hot cup of coffee, softly playing classical music, and my big overweight Labrador Retriever at my feet is my recipe for staying focused. How do you stay focused during the rapid change of seasons in your area? Do you embrace it or struggle through each day?

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