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Summer Vacation Strategy For Parents That Work From Home

With summer vacation quickly approaching, I’ve realized that I have to have a plan in place for my son during my “work hours” or everything could become pretty chaotic. Now, I must admit… he is twelve and pretty self-sufficient, so other than the occasional “can I”, “why not”, “how do you”, “what is”, “when are you”… he’s generally pretty good about not interrupting during “work” hours. However, it’s important to have a plan in place so here are a couple things to consider while the kids are on summer vacation and you work from home.

Create a “no-fly” zone

My son loves to show up and “hang out” in my office. Visiting is fine… moving in? Not cool! This is our area to work day to day and our area, alone. It is sacred and should be kept that way. Keep all your essentials here; your computer/laptop, phone, reports, pens, paper, iPod, etc… and make it your space. Make it yours and keep it that way. DO NOT give in! For inspiration (and some “dream office” jealousy), check out our Pinterest board HERE.

If you have younger children that need more of your time, work with their schedules and not against them. Work before they wake up, during naps (Oh how I miss nap time), or in the evening after bedtime. It will save you much unnecessary stress, I promise.

Summer Vacation Programs

My son will be attending a summer program with his friends. Is this an option for you? It helps both you and your child as it keeps a good routine going through the summer so when school starts again, they’ve maintained a routine. It also keeps them busy; If not for a daily program, my son would be bouncing off the walls! If that’s not an option for you, maybe you could trade off days with another parent, so kids play at your house on your “off” days and the other parent’s house on the days you are working! Either way, find a program that works with your schedule.

What ideas do you have for working from home when your kids are home during the summer? Please share them in the comments!

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