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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Are you underestimating the benefits of hiring an assistant for your business? The best assistants will work so well that they’ll almost fade into the background, knowing what’s needed and when it’s needed ahead of being assigned to do it. And of course, a good assistant won’t create any unnecessary complications that interfere with any daily or weekly tasks. To have them in mind constantly, to manage everything that they can do on their own, would be a detriment.

Hiring a virtual or remote assistant is a great thing for your business. Without sacrificing proper expectations, there’s more peace of mind involved with a virtual assistant than an in-person one. Underestimating the usefulness of a virtual assistant can cost your business more than you think.

Operational Costs

Is it better to hire remote and virtual assistants for your business? Are you aware that by hiring freelancers and contractors, you can significantly reduce your operational costs? Off the bat, there are plenty of built-in benefits to this practice, such as making the general workspace a connected network of home offices instead of one permanent and lone space. Automatically, that means no leasing and renting of rooms, and more convenience and comfort that comes with working from anywhere.

An additional benefit to hiring freelancers and contractors would be not having to worry about communication equipment and software. They’re professionals, no matter where the work is done, and they will bring with them not just their expertise, but also the tools of their trade, so you can work better and smarter.


According to a study by a Stanford University economics professor by the name of Nicholas Bloom, at-home employees made, on average, 13.5% more calls per week than their counterparts in the office. This is likely because of the familiarity of their respective settings, the comfort in being closer to family and friends, and the opportunity to set their own schedule, should any emergencies or errands need attention. Peace of mind doesn’t just have to be for the business owners.


Virtual assistants can be asked to do just about any remote task that your business needs, especially the ones that chew into an owner's time, including:

  • Scheduling

  • Customer service

  • Social media

  • Blogging

  • Data entry

  • Administration

  • And more

Virtual assistants bring efficiency to the remote workspace and help achieve the overall bottom line. They can handle a variety of remote tasks including scheduling, customer service, social media, blogging, data entry, administration, and more. They're professionals who know exactly what to do and can remotely manage your brand's image, communications, spreadsheets, and meeting notes. Underestimating the contributions of virtual assistants can be a costly mistake for your business. Don't make that mistake - hire a virtual assistant today and experience their value firsthand.

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"Employees Who Work At Home Are More Productive Than Office-Dwellers"


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