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Tweets – 3 Things To Consider When Using Twitter For Business

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

The art of tweets and social media, in general, can seem tricky for anyone but don’t let it keep you from the success your business deserves. For the past ten years, I have been a high school teacher. I taught business and technology for grades 9-12. It was a fun and rewarding job. Each week, day and period brought its own challenges and opportunities. It was fun working with kids who are tech savvy from an early age, yet still be able to teach them something that they unaware of. With that being said I learned a few things from them. Here are 3 things to consider when using Twitter.

#1 – Tweet At Optimal Times

If you are familiar with social media but not with teenagers, the one thing you must know is that they still communicate with one another but not so much through talking. They love Twitter, Snap chat, Vine, texting, and group chatting. You name the social media technology and they are using it to communicate. The one thing that is a huge misconception is that kids are constantly updating Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The thing my students taught me was that you do not just tweet anytime you feel like it, there are specific times of the day that are best to get the most likes and the most views. This also rings true for business.

#2 – Schedule Your Tweets

When building a social media campaign, you should not post things when you feel like it; you must post them when your audience is going to be most likely to read them. You may be thinking, I cannot sit all day on a creative thought I have and wait to post it. Let alone do that multiple times a day. Nothing else would ever get done. This is exactly why you need to schedule your tweets.

#3 – Automate Your Tweets

Let’s say you are a speaker and you travel the country attending different workshops and conventions. You are not always going to have the downtime or flexibility to post at the most opportune times. This why you should take advantage of social media management programs like Hootsuite.

Hootsuite allows you to type up your tweets and schedule them throughout the day, week and month so you do not miss the ideal time frame for tweeting to your followers. You can be on the plane coming home from a business trip, sitting on the beach relaxing, or in an important meeting. No one would even know that your tweets were not written in real time.

This is a great tool for everyone to take advantage of because it allows you to construct a meaningful tweet and send it at the perfect time. Hootsuite is one of many programs that not only manage your tweets but all social media campaigns. Some of Hootsuite’s competitors are free and others charge a fee so be sure to check out all your options first.

If taking the time to schedule your social media posts just isn’t your thing, or you are left with no time to do it, contact us to see exactly how we can help!

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