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Unlocking Small Business Success: Boost Productivity with Virtual Assistants

Few things are more of a work-related hassle than being overwhelmed by tasks, especially if you’re a small business owner. According to Outsource Access, hiring a virtual assistant can reduce operating costs by up to 78%, which can definitely take some pressure away. Now, a simple Google search will produce plenty of “how to” articles from plenty of other blogs, with their own tips and tricks to be more efficient and productive. And there are crossover ideas, of course, but there are also different ways of producing the same result - making your job less hectic and running more smoothly.

With a team that makes use of virtual assistance, the smaller tasks that add up to many a headache for one person can be accomplished by a professional whose job is to do just that kind of work. Convenience and security are the names of the game, and we have some suggestions to reach the finish line for overall productivity, with the help of virtual assistants:

D Is For Delegate

It’s easy to know when you need help, but it can be difficult to ask for some. Still, as a boss or manager, you’re in a position to seek solutions to such problems, and having some assistance is the obvious solution.

Since we’re recommending a virtual or remote team of assistants, trust is key. Trust in their skills, their judgments, and their strengths. Maybe this is hard to do at first when you’re not technically in the same office, but it’ll soon become second nature the more that you open yourself up to new technologies and to new people. Remember, like you, they’re professionals, and their work is as personal to them as it’s important to your business.

Always A Phone Call Away

No, this doesn’t mean that you should expect your phone to ring all day long, but it does mean that your virtual assistants will have different methods of communication at their disposal. They’ll have as many options as possible to make their work, well, work for you. By using email, chat software, and video meeting applications, these options become lifelines and, absolutely, gifts of convenience.

Virtual assistants are here for you, and you should make yourself available to them. Can’t do a video talk? They can email. Need a looser and more immediate environment? They’ll enter the chat room. The point is to have people meet you where you’re at on a given day. Virtual assistants are meant to make your job easier, not harder.

Manage And Make Magic

In one snapshot, with cloud-based team software, you can see how many hours have been worked, any issues in payroll, scheduling concerns, and more. It’s almost like magic, but it’s certainly not an illusion - it’s real. With little effort and incredible ease, you can manage your virtual assistants and set them up for success with the click of your mouse or the swipe of your finger. They will be delighted to do their job well because you have created a positive work environment.

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