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Valentine’s Day in the Workplace – 5 Fun Work Appropriate Ideas

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people.  To some, it is a wonderful day of love. To others, it is a reminder that they are romantically challenged for yet another year. But how should we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the workplace?

As an employer, you can cease this day as a wonderful opportunity to encourage some fun team building exercises. This is a great advantage because team building is extremely important and very beneficial to your companies health and longevity. To use Valentine’s Day to your company’s advantage to build and sustain your employee’s comradery, here are a few activities you should consider:

1. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Have some fun by creating a scavenger hunt! You can use this to build teams of people and get them to work together. Here is a great article by TeamBonding for creating your own office scavenger hunt.

2. Speed Dating – Work Edition

Creating a speed dating type of game for coworkers is a great way for them to learn about each other! Here is an awesome article by Choose People on how to set it up!

3. Secret Valentine

Leading up to Valentine’s Day you could play Secret Valentine. It’s just like Secret Santa where each person writes nice notes or gives little treats to another person, secretly. You can set parameters to keep the gifts within a specific price range, just like Holidappy explains here!

4. Heart Healthy

Since it is a holiday with the heart as its icon or logo, it wouldn’t hurt to encourage some heart-healthy activity! Depending on where you live and the weather (we’ve had many a snowstorm on Valentine’s Day where I live) take a walk outside as a group.  Or, you could hire a personal trainer to give tips on how to fit exercise in during the work day; while sitting at your desk, in a meeting or at the copier.

Another option for sticking with the heart-healthy theme would be to have a healthy potluck pitch-in for lunch! Encourage everyone to bring a heart-healthy dish to share during lunch that day.

5. Hanging Hearts

Designate a spot in the office where people can hang heart-shaped cut-outs with nice sayings about their team or group, the company or an individual. This can be anonymous but encourage everyone to participate and take some time to read them at the end of the day to serve as a finale to the days’ activities.

Valentine’s Day is a here to stay regardless of whether you celebrate or not.  So use it to your advantage, in a work-appropriate way, to help regroup your team while also having some fun in the workplace! Then watch how your employees look forward to the new tradition!

Do you have ideas for fun workplace activities for Valentines Day? If so, drop them in the comments below!

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