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Virtual Assistant – Consider These Factors Before Taking The Job

Working at home as a Virtual Assistant can be an amazing and rewarding opportunity.  Not only professionally but personally as well. There are many headaches and expenses that you can avoid while growing yourself as a professional and earning a great income. Virtual Assistance is the chameleon of the work at home jobs. There are so many different services that can be provided by a VA. So, it is very likely that your skillset fits the bill. But, it isn’t as simple as possessing the skills, there are additional factors and decisions you need to be considered. So, how do you become a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant Will And Skill

If you are reading this blog from the Milrich Virtual Professionals website, chances are you are interested and heading in the right direction. It’s important that you understand the role of a Virtual Assistant. Also, it is equally important that you’re motivated and willing to take on the new and sometimes unexpected challenges that come with the job.

Invest In Your Office Setup

If you aren’t willing to put in the time for the research, training or invest in a home office set up, then you aren’t likely to get very far with your goal. In addition to typical VA skills such as excellent typing and grammar, software knowledge, editing skills, social media savvy, and researching proficiency, there are some personal qualities that you’ll need to possess to really be successful. The most obvious being is motivation and charisma.

Work On Your Conferencing Skills

You’ll also need to step up your phone and/or video conferencing game. When you are hired remotely, more often than not, your employer will only be able to hear your voice over the phone. Sometimes, occasionally, they may have video conferencing interaction with you. That first impression is important and there will be a lot less distraction than there is during a standard interview which means a lot more focus on what you say and how you say it. A simple hint – say it with a smile. It doesn’t stop with the interview either. You’ll need to be able to uphold a professional and upbeat demeanor through voice, email, or even video correspondence.

Work On Your Discipline

Something else that you want to consider is your ability to hold yourself accountable and the discipline it requires to work in a virtual setting. Yes, an assistant assists and, therefore, reports to someone. However, the ultimate manager of your success is you. You won’t be punching a clock or having someone breathing down your neck (figuratively speaking). But, you will need to set boundaries, follow through on both your commitments to your client/supervisor and yourself. The quality and reliability of your work is dependent on how disciplined and organized your approach to the profession is,

Final Steps

If you feel that you are ready and have what it takes, then your next steps are merely executive. Prepare a resume and evaluate your skillset. Researching the different types of services offered by VAs and comparing that to your current list of skills, experience, and knowledge base will help you determine if there are areas that you need to develop and which areas to showcase.

If you are going at it alone, the best place to start is by networking. Reach out to other VAs through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles and groups for potential clients in need. Create a strong LinkedIn profile that displays your abilities and objective. Or, create a website if you are interested in a more professional and independent appeal. Just make sure that what you present is professional, relevant and allows potential employers or clients to see what you bring to the table and why they should invest in you.

If you’d like the support and ease that comes with a company experienced in virtual assistance, then look for job opportunities within companies such as Milrich. We will help match you with clients and provide the support you need to get started in your new career. Ready to start today?  Click here and get started towards a rewarding career filled with independence, flexibility, and personal growth.

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