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What Are Your Go-To Apps?

Being a tech junky, I always want to know what the go-to apps people are using are and which are the latest, greatest, and most efficient for personal and professional use. Everywhere you go people are always on their phones intently looking, swiping, scrolling, and typing on the screens.  But what are they really looking at? What has them so intrigued that they are glued to their screens?  This always has me curious.  In my professional life, my go-to apps are Slack, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive.


Slack is a messaging app that allows me to stay connected to my virtual colleagues.  Our boss has set up different chat rooms where we can share information and present ideas and issues we may come across during our work day.  We also have a lounge room which is a place to just talk as if we were sitting next to each other in cubicles.  With this app, you can also direct message people to have private conversations.  It really is a great app and is efficient and easy to use.

Google Apps

I am a big Google fan.  This started long before I worked in the virtual world. But since joining a virtual company my dependency and love for the Google Apps have grown.  Google Drive, which houses all my information, docs, and sheets is always with me.  This is extremely helpful for times I need to step away from my computer and still be productive.  An example was the other day when I needed to take my car for an oil change but was still able to reschedule appointments for my client and log the information into our spreadsheet without missing a beat.

If you are a little less than familiar with Google Drive, check out Cloudwards article here, for an easy how-to guide for uploading to Google Drive!

Google Voice is a great new app I just started using a few months ago. It allows me to call and set up appointments for my client without using my personal number.  I love the visual voicemail feature which sends me a transcript to my Google Voice Inbox and to my Gmail account.  That allows me to continue making calls and skim over voicemails as they come in while deciding which need immediate attention and which do not.

Technology is so amazing and has come so far in just a few short years.  It is funny to think that when I first started in the workforce I actually sold the first color screen Blackberry.  It was mind-blowing to people that they could receive their email and documents on their phone.  Now it’s hard to explain to younger generations that that wasn’t always the norm.  These are a few of my favorite apps but I am still in search of what the rest of the world is obsessed with using!

What are your favorite go-to apps? Tell us in the comments below!

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