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Work from Home Tools You Didn’t Consider

Most work from home job postings specifies that you need a computer, a phone, and access to high-speed internet. These are the basic tools of our modern WFH warriors. But if you are used to working in an office, there are some other tools you need to consider.

Comfortable desk chair

It may sound obvious, but the right desk chair can make all the difference in your daily work. Employers know that comfortable employees are happy and healthy, which means they make fewer demands on health insurance and take fewer sick days. An in-house HR department would periodically review the ergonomics for work stations in the office to ensure comfort.

In your virtual assistant job you are an independent contractor which means in a lot of ways, you are the HR department. You certainly are the office manager of your home office, which makes you responsible for choosing the right chair. Good desk chairs can be expensive because manufacturers have realized how important they are. If at all possible, test-drive a couple of models at the local office supply store before making the investment.


Working remotely will probably require you to communicate electronically with your boss or your team at some point. If you’ve ever phoned into an office meeting, you know how bad connections or poor quality sound can destroy your credibility. The people at the meeting who appear most professional are the ones who can follow the discussion and make audibly clear comments when necessary.

Shop around and get the best audio equipment for your computer that you can find. When it comes to electronics, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good anymore. Read reviews online and consider which meeting platforms you will use most frequently. When you get your headset, remember to test it before your first meeting.

Work clothes

Yes, work clothes are a tool for a successful professional. The business suit may have gone out of fashion for our work-at-home professional careers, but that does not mean that there is no standard for business attire. Your team does see you on Zoom every day or every week, and that visual does make an impression. Be sure you are projecting the right image.

Like your new work-at-home schedule, WFH clothing is flexible and can be casual. There are no rules against t-shirts or jeans. Really, there are no rules at all. Decide what works for you and stick with it. You will find that wearing pajamas every day is not as energizing as putting on some type of work clothes. The best part is that you are setting your own rules for work attire now.

Document sharing platform

No matter what type of work you do from home, at some point, you will want to share it with your boss, other members of your team, or your clients. You need a platform where you can store files and give other people access to them.

Google Drive is one of the most common shared workspaces on the internet, but there are others. If your employer does not have a preferred platform, you will have to shop around for one. Be sure whichever one you choose can handle the type of files you intend to put there. If you are a photographer or graphic designer, for example, you will need space for large files.

These are some of the tools you’ll need for your new virtual assistant job. One of our best work from home tips is to invest in these tools to make your professional career more successful and rewarding.


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