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Benefits of Hiring a VA

Hiring is a big step, especially for a small business. There are costs and commitments to consider that may seem impossible at first. Using an agency can cost money, but screening resumes yourself can cost valuable time. Applicants want to know how long the position will last, what the career trajectory looks like, and how much benefits will cost. There are a lot of questions you are not prepared to answer while your 90-hour work week threatens to derail your life and steal your sanity.

Hiring a virtual assistant could solve all of your problems and not just in a temporary way. Virtual assistants do not expect benefits, overtime, or a set work schedule. You can hire a VA on a project basis without promising longevity or a career path. A virtual assistant could take over some of your more time-consuming tasks almost immediately and free up some of your time.

There are several benefits to hiring a virtual assistant:


The up-front costs of hiring a virtual assistant are much smaller than hiring an employee. When you hire an employee, you have to pay the agency fee, payroll insurance, and possibly a contribution to health insurance or a retirement account. The costs of hiring an employee are compounded by the fact that your new employee will require a salary for several months before that person helps your business make money. In addition, you may have to provide a computer, workspace, and any other tools related to the job.

A virtual assistant does not require any up-front fees or expenditures. VAs work from home on their own computer, using their own phone, printer, and other office equipment. As an independent contractor, your virtual assistant does not expect you to provide insurance or pay costly payroll taxes. You pay a virtual assistant for the work that is performed, so as long as they are freeing up your time by completing the tasks you assign, you are making more money.


External hiring takes time, but it doesn’t have to if you hire a virtual professional instead. The right VA can step into an open role and begin performing almost immediately. Orientation is important but training is not. Your new VA will already have the skills needed to accomplish the tasks you assign. At Milrich Virtual Professionals, we make sure of that!

Even internal hiring can take time in training your candidate for the new role, while a VA comes into your organization fresh and with the exact skills you need. As you already know, with excellent people in place whom you can count on, you are free to work on your next big idea, provide service to VIP customers, or attend your kid’s afternoon soccer games.


You might not realize this, but it is possible to engage virtual assistants with any number of professional skills, from accounting to marketing. Because VAs work from home, you can find the talent you need even if it does not exist in your immediate geographic area. You can take advantage of the technical skills, for example, that are concentrated in Silicon Valley even if your business is in New Jersey. You don’t have to worry that there are no French-speaking customer service professionals living in your town. Instead you could hire one who lives in Louisiana without paying relocation costs.

Hiring is a big step, whether it is your first or fortieth employee. Engaging a VA is an easier, less expensive way to get the results you need. Contact Milrich Virtual Professionals to learn more about how we can get someone working in your business when you need them — now.


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