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Certifications for Virtual Assistants to Gain a Competitive Edge

In any given field of work, there are many ways to make yourself stand out, both in your portfolio and to your potential boss. The overall picture that you want to paint is that of an experienced and well-trained individual. What way would be best to go about this?

In our previous blog post “Certifications That Count for Virtual Assistants”, we covered how certifications for virtual assistants can help in securing clients. Here, we will go over some of the most standout certifications that will give you a leg up in the industry and enhance your skills.

Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certification

The popularity of Facebook and, to an extent its parent company Meta, cannot be overstated. As a platform, Facebook is absolutely essential for small businesses to gain attention, sell products and services, and engage with current and future customers. According to Backlinko, there are 2.85 Billion monthly active users!

Knowing and understanding Facebook as an important tool can give any virtual assistant a standout look on their portfolio. Thankfully, Meta offers a free twenty-week certificate program in social media marketing, for anyone and everyone to learn from. Recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE®), the benefits of this certification are listed as:

  • Establishing platform presence

  • Creating and managing ads

  • Reporting and management

  • Marketing and Ad Fundamentals across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and others

Learn the best practices in social media marketing, from the biggest social media platform.

Google Ads Certification

Moving on from social media, let’s look at Google and its ads program. Google Ads helps promote businesses and products to users through its search engine and maps app. Suffice it to say, everyone knows what Google is and how it can help with providing information in general. But not everyone understands how to navigate the world of its advertising service.

There is a certification program that Google offers that teaches individuals to master the ins and outs of Ads, which provide virtual assistants the opportunity to heighten their skillset in:

  • Offline sales

  • Search functions

  • Video

  • Displays

  • And more

Virtual assistants will be able to demonstrate new expertise in the field, and help organizations and companies become part of the Google Partners program - and how to manage the program too. There are six available certification areas, and each assessment is free.

IAP Career College - Virtual Assistant Certificate

For those individuals wishing to really hone their virtual assistant skills, there is a certificate program that is offered by The International Association of Professions Career College (IAP) that is specifically for virtual assistants.

This college prides itself on teaching non-traditional career education for anyone wanting to learn and wanting to prepare for a new job or level up their current one. The virtual assistant course provides benefits such as:

  • Basics of being a virtual assistant

  • Creating business plans

  • Choosing target markets

  • Marketing techniques

  • And more

While the Facebook and Google programs are free, this IAP course costs $149. IAP is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, making it recognized worldwide as a legitimate school for those wanting to become professionals in different industries.

You might already possess similar skills from your previous work experiences, and your resume may showcase your standout qualities. However, if you truly want to make an impact, adding certifications in various trades relevant to virtual assistants would significantly bolster your portfolio. By delving into the programs mentioned above and exploring alternative ones, you'll not only set yourself apart from the competition but also provide employers with an irresistible reason to hire you as their virtual assistant. That's an edge that can benefit anyone.


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