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Failing to Plan or Planning to Fail?

I’m sure we’ve all heard that famous phrase from Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Whenever I would hear my old high school teachers tell me this, I have to admit, I would roll my eyes. Much like any rebellious teenager, I never thought about things like planning for the future, time management, or what I could do to make my academic life happier.

Thankfully, as I got older, the stresses of college forced me to become the organized professional I scoffed at when I was 16. Would you like to know what kept me organized and on top of all my tasks? What kept me from forgetting those important assignments, as well as my social engagements? How to plan for success and plan your next win?

It was a daily planner! A simple, to-the-point daily planner for work.

What was lovely about going to school was most of the assignments and most of the sorority social engagements I had were already set up by the beginning of the school year. I would sit down after the first few days of class with a stack of syllabi, and plan out my entire academic year. It was a pain, but it definitely made a difference in how I was working and learning.

Fast forward a few years where I found myself in an overwhelming job. I was messing up tasks and would forget the small details and responsibilities. It was really becoming a problem, especially when my boss started mentioning my forgetfulness. Much like everyone else in the world, I was finding it difficult to keep up with my daily, weekly, and monthly tasks just in my head.

I thought back to when I was so successful during my college career. Why had I been so successful? How had I managed everything then? And then it hit me! The daily planner! That was my answer. I would simply buy a planner for work and get everything written down. So, I ran to Walmart and grabbed a planner exactly like the one I had in college.

When I started reviewing my job duties and responsibilities, I quickly realized that this simple planner would not be enough. I would need a daily work planner that was special. That’s when I sat down and began researching the best planners. I found a lot of duds, I won’t lie to you. Thankfully, though, I did end up finding literally the best planner I could hope to find.

That daily work planner was the Ivory Paper Co.’s All-in-One Planner. When I say this planner can do anything, I mean it! There are so many features to this planner that make it an all-in-one system. There’s plenty of space to write out details and thoughts on the minimalistic pages, which really comes in handy when you have to remember small details.

The Ivory Paper Co.’s All-in-One Planner is my go-to planner for work. I can place daily, weekly, and monthly spreads into one 6 to 8-month planner, so you can keep track of precisely what you need. Ivory Paper Co. also designs INCREDIBLE covers for your daily work planner, so you can choose the vibe you want.

Ivory Paper Co.’s All-in-One Planner really speaks for itself. Check out all their designs and customizations today!


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