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Harness the Magic of Search Engines with a Virtual SEO Assistant

Search engine optimization is not that difficult to understand when you consider your own search habits. When you want to find something quickly, you use Google. You search for some keywords that may or may not include a city and state, depending on what it is you’re looking for. When the results come up, you click on whatever is at the top of the page. You rarely scroll beyond the first page and have never visited the third page of any search results. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you adjust your keywords and try again.

Behind the scenes, Google takes those words you’re looking for and compares them to billions of web pages and recent searches. That is how Google is able to suggest related search terms that appear before you finish typing in your search phrase. Google is looking for the best websites to match your search because they don’t want you to go to another search engine. Out of the billions of websites on the internet, Google wants you to find what you are looking for in their first page of search results.

Search engines are rather magical if you think of it. They somehow know what you want and where to find it in an instant. Not only do they find all the web pages out there that include your search terms, but they rank those results with the most relevant on top, right where you will see them first.

Relevant is a relative term, defined by Google in its own way. That is where the algorithm comes into play. It is the formula Google uses to rank a webpage with three instances of your search terms above a page with only one. It manages to rank things like links from other websites and websites that have grown and changing content higher than websites with little or no content that were recently established. Google even knows how to rank websites with more visitor traffic against sites with little traffic.

SEO Management with a Virtual Assistant

No one said harnessing the power of the internet would be easy, but if you are going to benefit from the nearly infinite pool of potential clients out there, you’ll have to try. Search engines are necessary because there is so much material on the internet that a human would never be able to sort through it all and find what he is looking for. Search engine optimization is necessary to get those search engines to see your website and put it up top where customers can find it.

A virtual SEO assistant is helpful to put your SEO strategy in place and follow through on its execution every single day. There is a lot to know about establishing SEO for your web presence, but you don’t have to learn it all yourself. SEO help from an experienced virtual assistant can guide you through the development of a strategy that fits with your business goals and budget.

Most importantly, a VA will handle SEO management for your entire business every day. Consistency is very important in SEO, and it is difficult for a busy business owner to achieve. With VA help, you can be sure your SEO is being monitored and managed every day. Weekly and monthly reports will show you how the strategy is working, and your VA will suggest changes when necessary.

The internet is a great tool for growing your business, but it can also be a confusing place where expensive websites go to die. Let Milrich Virtual Professionals help you sort it out with a virtual assistant who can manage your SEO. Contact us today!

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