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How to Write a Good Blog Post

It may seem like just another extra task to finish, among a plethora of other tasks, but having a blog for any business is a really good idea. According to an article from Mailchimp, the benefits of a business blog can include - but are not limited to:

  • Driving conversions and profits

  • Becoming an industry leader

  • Increased web traffic (77% of bloggers report positive results)

  • Teaching consumers about your business

  • Promoting your brand for free

Of course, for some owners or managers, time is of the essence and a blog still might not be a “top” priority for you at a given time. However, with a virtual assistant who has blogging experience, the solution to the time problem presents itself. And with Milrich Virtual Professionals, hiring an assistant blogger is but a call away.

In this entry, I will go over a few ways to keep on task and how to write a good blog post for anyone and any business:

Tell the story that you know

Don’t get cocky or arrogant about your skills. You may be a professional writer, but to keep things simple and level-headed, try the proven tip of just telling the story that you know. What do you have experience with or an interest in, and how can it be incorporated into a business blog? You might end up tripping over yourself by trying to write from another perspective, so keep things close and keep the style yours. Do the research, do the storytelling, and success will come to the business and to you.

Avoid an empty stomach

Maintaining focus on a blog for hours at a time can be a difficult task in and of itself. Being of sound mind and body is important to this, so do keep care of yourself. Carve out some time for stretch breaks and have a snack or two when you feel hungry. Few things are as bad as trying to write on an empty stomach, so avoid that as much as possible. Keep hydrated, drop the social media, and keep your hands busy and on the keyboard.

Just start from somewhere

If you find yourself staring at a blank white page for a long time, zoned out in the middle of writer’s block, there are ways to get moving once again. Doing some exercise and using a writing prompt can help, but the best advice that I can give is to just start typing, even if it’s nonsense. It seems counter-productive at first, but I find that typing anything at all gets my creative waves forming, and ultimately helps in crafting the story that I know needs to be told. The clicking and the clacking of the keyboard can be soothing to a point, and just moving at all is better than not moving or going anywhere. Just start from somewhere.

We have covered some tips and tricks for writing a good blog post for anyone and any business. To learn more about writer’s block, please visit our previous entry here. For more information on the opportunities that Milrich Virtual Professionals offer, visit today.


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