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New Year New You – How to Beat the New Years Resolution Backslide

The ball drop is just a mere memory, the champagne has long since been toasted, you’ve come to terms that 2016 is over, and you hit 2017 head on! But what does that mean? New diet, exercising daily, and joining a gym only to abandon it all after a couple of months or even weeks. By mid-February, you totally forgot you even made those promises to yourself. If you are finding it hard to keep up with the resolutions that you’ve made maybe it’s time to try something different. Beat the early year resolution backslide by focusing on new ways to improve yourself or through doing things for others.

Volunteer – I am fortunate enough to live close to one of the best children’s hospitals in the world, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or CHOP for short. They are always in need of volunteers. Associated with CHOP is the Ronald McDonald House where patients and their families can stay and eat while they are getting treatment or seeing a doctor. The Ronald McDonald House has volunteers come and cook dinner for the families staying there while they are far from home and going through a rough time.

The appreciation of a homecooked meal goes a long way. My family members go monthly to cook for the families. This year my resolution was to go at least twice with them. There are many ways for you to volunteer your time. You can find a local charity or a place in your community that needs volunteers. Remember donating time doesn’t always have to be for people in need. You could coach a youth sports team, clean up trash for your township, or anything that gives back and makes you feel good.

Say Something Nice – Some of us get into a rut or get sucked into negativity so deeply that we just can’t seem to get out of. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you in 2017. Pick one or two days out of the week that you make a point to say something nice to someone. However with this one is to make sure you mean it! Personally, I think people get off easy saying something nice to someone they don’t know. It’s giving praise to our loved ones that is most often overlooked and usually the most appreciated when received. Regardless who your target is you will both feel better once the positivity has been transferred.

Read – Everyone should read. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been told that since a young age and there are many statistics which prove reading can be beneficial in so many ways. Try and read a book or two this year and maybe a news article once or twice a week. Believe it or not, your smartphone can automatically send you things that pique your interest!

Do Something For Yourself – Be good to yourself this year. Don’t be afraid to get a manicure or a massage, and yes buy those boots you’ve been eyeing. It’s nice to do things for other people and it’s greatly appreciated. However, you should be able to reward yourself for your own hard work and not feel guilty about doing so.

A New Years Resolution is something that is supposed to set the tone for a new year of your life. It shouldn’t define you and you shouldn’t feel defeated if it doesn’t work out. You don’t have to give up on your hopes of eating healthy or getting in shape. But we often make the same resolutions and get the same outcome each year.

This year try a little creativity, maybe rotate between a few different things you’d like to do or accomplish. But don’t forget to take some time to treat yourself!

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