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Older Posts – How to Increase Blog Traffic by Linking

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Chances are you are sitting on a goldmine of amazing posts that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.  The longer you’ve been blogging or if you’ve only recently established some prominence then that’s probably even truer. Don’t let all that great content go to waste. If your current posts are earning subscribers and getting positive responses then chances are your previous ones that didn’t get the same attention will also get a welcome response.  You may even be able to gain a bigger following by showcasing more of your work. So how do you get traffic to older posts without having to beg or use PayPal? It’s easy. Just link!

What do you have?

You may already have some posts in mind.  You may be particularly proud of certain posts, feel like they could reach a broader audience, or something has changed that would make the posts more relevant.  It is very unlikely that your readers are going to sift through your posts like Goldilocks looking for the one that is just right for them. It’s up to you to know what content you have so that if it was overlooked or posted way before your following took off you can breathe new life into it.

If you aren’t sure and don’t have a system for tracking your posts, take some time to go back through your posts and bookmark the posts that you want to get some new exposure to. You may want to use keyword searches, hashtags, or start with just the titles.  In the future, it’s best to keep a log of topics that you’ve written about so that when you are writing new content you already know if you have something in your stockpile that is relatable. Once you’ve taken the time to find out what hidden blog treasures you have you just need to link and repeat.

Link Older Posts and Repeat

Knowing what you have is more than half the battle.  Once you’ve conquered that step your next step is easy.  The more organized you are, the easier this step gets. Keeping a log of topics or hot posts that you can link back to makes it easy to pop in a link when you are writing new content. Simply cross-reference your new topic to your blog to find out if there is an opportunity to capitalize on those older gems.

The keywords, hashtags, and titles are all going to be extremely helpful for quick references.  If you have a certain post or posts in mind that you really want to get some exposure to sooner rather than later then it is completely acceptable to let that need dictate your subject matter.  Find similar topics or topics that expand on that post’s subject matter so that you create the perfect opportunity to link back.

Check Your Work

Don’t forget to double check your links and references.  You don’t want to link back to a blog only to find that you’ve referenced the wrong one or worse, insert a link that doesn’t work.  It’s important that your links are reliable and appropriate so that your readers don’t become frustrated and hesitant to click in the future.  Give it a test run while proofreading to make sure the experience is seamless. Once you know you are error-free all you have to do is sit back and wait for the dust to get knocked off of those old posts.

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