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SEO Help to Highlight Your Business

SEO Help to Highlight Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what gets your website to show up on the first page of a Google search, so that when a potential customer is looking for your type of business and puts some keywords into the search bar, that customer is alerted to the fact that you are in business. According to internet live stats, there are about 1.9 billion websites on the internet, which is a lot of competition for the ten spots on the first page of Google search results.

The good news is that Google gets approximately 40,000 searches every second, so there is also a lot of opportunity to grow your client base on the internet. Without good SEO management, however, the millions of people searching the internet for your services will never see your website.

You are going to need VA help

As a business owner, you must know how important SEO is to your online presence, but you don’t have to be an expert. A virtual SEO assistant can manage all of the strategy and execution you need to grow your internet sales without getting a degree in digital marketing.

There are virtual assistants with expertise in all of the areas of SEO management, including strategy development, data analysis, and content creation. With VA help, you could set up your entire SEO program on all platforms and manage it while continuing to run and grow your business.

Virtual SEO help will not only ensure you get the best results from your SEO strategy but also free up your time to work with your clients or other aspects of your business. SEO management is time consuming and requires consistent effort to be effective. Using a virtual assistant to manage your SEO could be a smart solution to a complex problem.

Recouping the costs of website development with SEO help

Developing and maintaining a website can be a large investment. If that website is not bringing new customers into your business, you are not seeing a return on that investment. Most web developers charge extra for SEO, and they don’t maintain it. Despite the time and money you committed to building a new website, it may not be fully optimized for SEO, which means you are not getting the most powerful tool to attract visitors from the internet.

The first step to remedying this situation is to evaluate your website and optimize it for search engines. A virtual SEO assistant can improve and maintain the SEO on your website in a few hours each day. One of the advantages of working with a virtual assistant is that you only pay for the amount of time spent on a task. You don’t have to keep a VA busy all day like an employee, and they do not charge exorbitant fees like expert contractors and then walk away with the job half down. Your virtual SEO assistant will work with your business on a long term basis because SEO management is like playing the long game.

Managing your marketing budget

Since SEO really falls under marketing expenses, you may not have budgeted for it after the big website rebuild project. Many small business owners think they can handle marketing without a budget because they have extensive networks or their products and services are popular. Even if you are experiencing a solid volume of business currently, you need to invest in some marketing operations now. By the time business slows down and you realize you need a boost, it is too late.

SEO management is a long term strategy because it takes time to climb to the top of the search results, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily plan your SEO management budget by costing out the hourly rate for a VA. You will see the number of hours each week devoted to this project remain consistent, and over time, improved search results will bring in more business.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the most efficient and economic way to manage SEO for your business.


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