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Skills You Could Find in a VA

The title Virtual Assistant can be misleading in today’s work-from-home world. It implies someone who performs administrative functions from home. In fact, virtual assistants are available to handle a vast number of specialized functions. Think of hiring a virtual assistant like outsourcing parts of your business or hiring specialized consultants to improve every area of your company.

These are some of the virtual assistant skills you can find for your business:


A true virtual assistant can perform all of the functions of an office assistant (except make coffee.) Fielding emails and phone calls, scheduling meetings, managing documents, and project timelines, sending you reminders of important events, and creating meeting agendas are all tasks you could outsource to a virtual assistant.

Data Entry

Virtual assistants who are data entry specialists are available to handle all of your data needs. They can literally enter data into spreadsheets, databases, of GUI forms because they are detail-oriented and tech-savvy. You could also find a virtual assistant with more data experience to perform data analysis, query your database and produce reports.

Project Management

There are many experienced project managers working as virtual assistants. They complete all of the budgeting, delegating, and tracking functions on projects from their home offices. Project management is a broad field. You will find virtual assistants skilled in managing marketing, engineering, or other types of projects according to your needs.


This is another broad field of expertise. You can find virtual assistants who are skilled in digital marketing, content development, marketing strategy, earned media, Google Ads, or any other types of marketing you require for your business. By engaging a virtual assistant with the right skills, you could outsource all of your marketing projects.


Developing budgets, tracking spending, and projecting growth are some of the functions a virtual assistant with accounting skills could help you with. There are also virtual assistants skilled in payroll and benefits administration. Any accounting functions in your business can be delegated to a skilled virtual assistant.


Many types of projects require research and it can be a time-consuming task. Virtual assistants with research skills can be helpful whether you are doing financial, legal, or medical research. A skilled virtual assistant can comb the internet for the information you need, compile details, or even summarize articles and other findings.

Customer Service

You may think that only you can work directly with your customers, but that mindset will stunt your business growth. There are virtual assistants skilled in customer service who could be answering calls, emails, or text messages on behalf of your company. Customer service professionals know that courtesy and empathy are the most desired qualities by any consumer. Allowing a virtual assistant to handle your customer service needs could actually improve the outcome of most inquiries and free up your time to convert new customers.

Website Maintenance

Without a dedicated website management team, your website will not reach the top of search results or maintain that position. It is also possible that content and layout become stale and, rather than converting visitors into warm leads, sends visitors looking for your competition. Since you don’t have the time to keep up with website maintenance, you can engage a virtual assistant with the right skills to get the job done.

When thinking about your business and the help you may need to grow in the next three to six months, keep an open mind about using virtual assistants. You can find a virtual assistant with almost any skill-set you need to complete short-term or ongoing projects.


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