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To-Do List Success – 3 Tips for Daily Accomplishment

Many people have a to-do list. All too often though, we become overwhelmed that we don’t have the time to get everything accomplished.  Tweaking how you create your to-do list can help you get your tasks crossed off. Let’s take a look at 3 ways you can do this so you can end your day with a real sense of accomplishment.

1. Focus on Quality, not Quantity!

When creating your to-do list make sure you put things on it that you value accomplishing the most. The quality of your to-do list should help you stop procrastination and help you achieve your goals. These should also be things that help you be more productive during the day, week, or month. It’s important to remember not to pile on as many tasks as you can because you may end up punishing yourself when you never accomplish them. Remember, quality over quantity!

2. Keep it Short and Sweet!

Make your to-do list for the things you NEED to accomplish each day short. By focusing on the most important tasks, this will help you keep fewer items on your list. Keeping your to-do list short and sweet will not only allow you to complete the tasks but it will also allow you to focus time and attention on your accomplishments.  Fewer tasks to complete will help you stay productive!

3. Create a Second To-Do List!

The thought of narrowing your daily to-do’s to a few important things may overwhelm you. It may also have you thinking that in the long run, you’ll never get everything accomplished. Don’t fret! The point of the second to-do list is to help you keep your thoughts and tasks organized and prioritized.

By having 2 lists you can separate what you NEED to do and WANT to do. This will help you decided what goes on your daily to-do’s as your priority items.  You can then use the second list to keep a running log of things that you would like to accomplish and that you can consistently add new tasks to.

No matter how you choose to organize your to-do list just remember the end goal is to keep yourself organized and productive!

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