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Top 5 Books for Working From Home

Working from home is a unique experience for most people, but according to Forbes Magazine, the trend is growing and may reach 70% of the workforce working remotely at least five days each month by 2025. Many people began their professional careers in a traditional office setting and are now adjusting to the WFH lifestyle. Without much experience to draw on when plotting out our WFH professional careers, we have to research best practices and tips and tricks for developing a successful and fulfilling WFH experience.

Here are some books that will help you navigate the world of remote work:

Great Pajama Jobs by Kerry Hannon

If you are wondering how you can transition your professional career into a WFH or remote situation, this is a good book to start with. Great Pajama Jobs is an expert guide to finding the right WFH job for you. Hannon discusses how the job you currently have might lend itself easily to remote work. Face it, many of the tasks you perform are done on a computer, and you already work remotely with some of your colleagues, your boss, and your clients.

Work From Home While You Roam by Robin Barrett

Barrett begins with the premise that if you had just two years to live you probably would not keep your current job. Finding a job that lets you earn while living a life that makes you happy should be your goal. Work From Home While You Roam is a comprehensive guide to jobs that do not depend on your location, allowing you the freedom to move around at will.

There’s No Place Like Working From Home by Elaine Quinn

An organization and time management consultant, Quinn offers all the tips and tricks you’ll need for a successful WFH career. She tackles efficient work habits, work-life balance, and avoiding feelings of isolation. This guide will show you that you can go home again and work from there successfully.

The UpBeat Organized Home Office by Darla DeMorrow

Whether you are just beginning to work from home or you have hit a wall of clutter and confusion in your living room workspace, The UpBeat Organized Home Office will guide you to a clean and clutter-free office. DeMorrow is a veteran of the decluttering and productivity books, of which this is her third. She will show you how to organize and declutter your office and your brain for maximum WFH efficiency.

The Work From Home Survival Guide by Michael Wexler

Wexler focuses on your success in the work-from-home lifestyle by calling out several common mistakes and misconceptions that end up holding people back from achieving the ultimate goals they seek. The Work From Home Survival Guide answers questions about how to avoid scams, manage your expectations, and avoid roadblocks in this growing field.

All of these books would be good virtual assistant reading material, though they are targeted at a broader audience. As the world of WFH evolves, the definition of virtual assistant broadens to include more than administrative positions. At Milrich Virtual Professionals, for instance, we place professionals with a broad range of skills for work from home positions.

We also believe it is important to support those just entering the work-from-home lifestyle which is why we created the Milrich Virtual Professionals Course. Our course guides virtual professionals through some of the common issues that arise when working from home and teaches them to achieve their goals in a professional career working from home.


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