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Building Your Online Presence: Harnessing the Power of Blogs for New Businesses

It’s a shame that phone books are mostly a thing of the past, as their heavy pages of numbers and ads were both reliable and quaint. However, as technology progresses, changes occur in how we gather information. For any new business to succeed, having an online presence is an absolute must. People do research and search for information every second on the internet, becoming potential customers for any business that can help with their needs.

Should a business engage with people on social media? Sure, but they should start from what is now a simple place: a website. Having a domain where you and yours can present information, put out calls to action, and explain your business's goals isn’t just a way to meet potential customers; it’s also a space to control your company narrative and guide people through your brand.

In this blog, we will go over how a blog for your website can help your new business, and in what ways they can be best utilized. For any new business, first impressions are make-or-break situations. So, let’s give your work a great digital headquarters from the onset!

Your Soapbox

After settling on a domain name and finalizing a website design (there are many options for step-by-step custom appearances, like Wix), your business will need to provide current and future customers with a page to learn more about your services and how you can be of assistance. This is where a blog will come in handy.

Think of a blog as your company soapbox: a platform for providing resources to your customers and updates on what your business is up to. A general website with only contact information and simple statements will come across as boring or lazy. A blog, at best, will demonstrate your authority on relevant business information and highlight your creativity.

Now, according to Hubspot, online traffic - the number of users/potential customers who visit your website - can be built up with a blog:

“More often than not, the difference between a 50-page website and a 500+ page site is a blog. Because of this, blogging is an essential practice for SEO and traffic building.”

This makes blogging an important tool to getting the word out about your business, and to let the world know who you are and what you do. Be sure to consider the following when writing blog posts:

  • Find keywords and keyphrases that you want people to associate with your service, and to drive more traffic to your site through online searches.

  • Develop New Content on a regular and consistent basis.

  • Links are your friend; add some to every post whenever possible.

Writers are Ready to Help

Crafting new and better blog posts can be stressful, so hiring a professional writer makes great sense. Someone who has made it their career to develop enticing, entertaining, and invaluable articles and online content will make for a great addition to both your business venture and will be a great help to your bottom line.

Through Milrich Virtual Professionals, your business will be able to select and work with highly proficient blog writers, ready to start at a moment’s notice. Now that you understand how a blog can and will help your online presence, and how it can build attention from potential customers, you will agree that dedicated writers will be able to add engaging and creative content to your website. Contact us for more information as soon as possible!

To learn how to write a good blog post, check out our blog “How to Write a Good Blog Post”.

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