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VA Help For SEO Management

Everyone said you needed a web presence to grow your business. The logic holds up: there are infinitely more customers for your business on the internet than on Main Street. You decided to take a measured approach to expand online, keeping your costs down, and looking for that big return on investment. The internet was going to blow up your business.

Six months into your web launch, coordinated with social media, you find it difficult to see the uptick in business or attribute it to your investment in digital marketing. Apparently, there’s this thing called SEO that you obviously are not managing well and because of that, your business is still not highly visible on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is actually less complicated than it sounds. It is how your online content talks to the search engines. Everyone is using a search engine like Google (in fact roughly 85% of internet users worldwide use Google) to navigate their way through the billions of sites on the web. The search engines decide which websites make it to the first page of any search results, so you want to talk nice to them.

SEO Management Strategy

Before you can manage your SEO, you need a strategy. SEO is all about research and data, so the best idea is to engage a VA for SEO help. You’ll need to come up with a list of keywords that your potential customers are searching when looking for services such as yours. Your virtual assistant can easily come up with this list for you through an hour or two of internet research.

Your strategy also needs to consider which words and phrases have the most people searching for them. The ideal SEO strategy for your business combines the most searched words and the words best targeted to your services. Again, VA help can get you this data rather quickly while you continue helping your existing customers.

Implementing SEO Strategy

You can start by optimizing your web presence for the words and phrases in your SEO strategy. This step can be time-consuming depending on how much content you have out there. You may want to hire a VA writing assistant to revise your blogs according to the new strategy. A virtual assistant can tweak the content of existing blogs to include keywords and develop new blogs going forward using the same SEO strategy.

In addition to content, your website has some hidden opportunities to incorporate your SEO strategy. You’ll want to engage meta tags and metadata to help get your website ranking in search engine results. This can be a time-consuming process but is also an excellent task for a virtual assistant. If you are not tech-savvy yourself, you may want to hire a VA who has SEO optimization experience; many of them do.

Managing SEO Every Day

This SEO management that everyone talks about actually doesn’t take place until all of your optimizations is done. Management is crucial because the internet is a living thing that is constantly changing. Your SEO needs to grow and change with it to remain effective.

The most effective SEO management techniques involve daily data analysis. Virtual SEO help can handle these tasks without distracting your time from your core business. A good SEO manager will perform daily research and analysis and send you weekly reports. The format can be adjusted to your needs and the content interpreted for you.

VA help can make SEO management more manageable and your web presence more effective for growing your business.


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