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Why You Need a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Website Creation

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Website Creation

If you are a business owner about to embark on a website creation project, chances are pretty good that you’ve never developed a website before. Or, maybe you did one several years ago and are now finally getting around to updating it. If you let the old one go for more than five years, it's just like starting over again because technology changes that quickly.

As a business owner, you are an expert in your field, whether that area of expertise is your core business, like accounting or engineering, or the business itself. Running a business teaches you to stick with what you do best and hire all the rest. Your instinct is to hire someone to run your web development project, someone who has experience in website development. That someone should be a virtual assistant for websites, for these reasons:

1. Hiring a VA is the most economical solution.

You only pay a virtual assistant for the time worked, which means there will be no excessive project fees. You don’t have to provide workspace or equipment for a virtual assistant, so their services are less expensive than anyone currently on your staff. A virtual assistant with the right experience to manage your website creation project will help keep the project on time and on budget and save you money at the same time.

2. A virtual assistant can keep track of the project budget.

Website creation budgets can be big and grow when you’re not looking. A virtual assistant can remain focused on the budget throughout the project, make milestone payments to contractors, and report progress to you on a regular basis. A virtual assistant can even do periodic price comparisons to be sure you are getting the best quote for services.

3. Coordinating all the aspects of a website is time-consuming.

Running a project like this is a full-time job. You already have a job and so does everyone else on your staff. A virtual assistant can come in for the duration of the project and keep everything going. Every time there is a conflict between contractors over project deliverables, it threatens the final deadline of your website project. With a virtual assistant engaged in managing the project, you will avoid unnecessary delays.

4. A virtual assistant can write better web content than you.

Even if you are a good writer, it's not easy writing about yourself and your own business. A virtual writing assistant would research the competition, get to know your staff and your business, and write clean copy with an eye toward marketing value. Using a virtual assistant for web content will give your website a competitive edge, too, by tying in keywords for your SEO strategy.

5. You maintain control of the project by using a VA.

A virtual assistant who works for you reports to you and no one else. A project manager from a web development firm may work for you as a client but has a different boss. Using a VA to manage your website creation project will take the extra work off your hands but allow you to maintain control of the project. A virtual assistant can understand your goals, communicate them to the project team consistently, report progress back to you, and alert you to any situations that require your immediate attention.

You’ve developed a solid business plan, partly because you have good instincts. Follow the instinct that tells you to hire someone to run your website creation project and make it a virtual assistant. You will be pleased with the results.


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