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Blog Audience – Quick Tips To Get Readers To Your Blog

There is a blog audience for what you offer, regardless of your subject matter. There are many reasons to start and maintain a blog. You may be interested in adding a blog to your company page, starting up something to showcase your creative prowess or you are just a witty, sassy person that needs to be heard and appreciated. The truth is, the reason doesn’t matter, there is a blog audience out there for you!

Ready… set… GO… but don’t stop!

The most obvious and important thing to do, if you want to get readers to your blog, is to post. Next, post some more! Keep writing, keep posting, keep going. It doesn’t matter how many views your first post got, how many likes or how many comments. What matters is that you keep writing and keep giving viewers something to read. Once you gain some followers you can always link back to your favorites or to posts that you feel didn’t get enough attention. Readers may not spend a lot of time on your page if your posts are scarce or they come back hoping to read more awesomeness only to find you haven’t blogged in months. Keep the content coming. Be confident in what you post and be patient.

Share, share, share!

Not just important in your Kindergarten days, sharing is easy and super effective. If you don’t have multiple social media accounts, get them. Share your blog on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. There is absolutely no shame in enlisting the support of your friends and family. Encourage your followers (including friends and family) to share your posts. Your future devoted readers are out there, and you just have to get your content to them. Just a few shares can make all the difference. Once you reach your target audience, you won’t have to ask for shares, they will do it for you. It’s important to get your content out there and pass it around. The power of the social networking is amazing, so get your blog out there and share the love!

Blog Audience Participation

One great way to keep your blog interesting is to engage with your followers. Respond to comments, thank viewers for shares and likes, request questions and feedback. You may feel that you are talking to a brick wall at first but before you know it you’ll be reeling in the feedback and repeat visitors. Don’t forget to keep the comments positive and be open to feedback. You don’t have to change your blog style based on feedback, but it will work to your advantage to let your readers know that you are listening.

Get Creative

Take time on your blog appearance and make sure that it is appealing and easy to navigate. Link to other blogs that get a lot of attention, encourage guest bloggers to sub on your page and advertise your blog through video and social media. If you have a great stage presence you can get some additional exposure through YouTube by posting a catchy snippet from your blog and then add a link to the video. You may also want to branch out your topics to current events, popular trends, feedback from viewers, or even a weekly/monthly reoccurring theme such as a review or Top Ten. This will make it extra easy to incorporate a video or actual footage of your topic.

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