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Certifications That Count for Virtual Assistants

There is no specific college degree or vocational training required to be a virtual assistant, which makes it an easy profession to jump into. Everyone has some skills they can offer to potential clients. It can be difficult for those clients, though, to figure out who to hire. If ten applicants claim to have social media marketing skills, how does the client know which one is better or more suited to their specific work?

Certifications help prove your credibility in the field and quantify your specific skills. They demonstrate a standard level of mastery that potential clients can count on to be sure they are comparing like applicants. Here are some certifications you may want to pursue.

Facebook teaches a course in using the marketing tools available on their platform that results in a certificate. The course focuses exclusively on Facebook, of course, but it is a very popular platform with small businesses especially. The course is free, so it is not a bad place to start to develop your list of credentials.

This is a widely-recognized certification that speaks to your ability to understand and work with Google Ads (previously Google AdWords.) There is an article on Search Engine Journal that explains the process of obtaining this certification rather clearly. It is based on learning key concepts and passing an exam, which means you can work on this certification even if you are not currently working on Google ads for a client.

If you are just starting as a virtual assistant, this certificate program could be very helpful. It covers all of the basics for creating a work from home lifestyle as a VA in an online, college-style course with access to faculty members and learning assignments. The course is designed to be part time for six weeks but can be completed in as little as four weeks. You can list the course as education on your resume and the resulting certification will enhance your professional profile.

Most virtual assistants work in the Microsoft Office suite of applications, including Word, Exel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Microsoft offers a certification exam for each of its applications that demonstrates mastery of the key features of that program. If needed, there are also training courses you can take before the certification exam. Microsoft certifications are widely recognized as the gold standard for the Microsoft suite of products.

When you work in a technical role it is especially important to keep up with industry changes and demonstrate your mastery of the required skills for your position. Developers, administrators and data scientists can all easily work from home and earn a certification from Microsoft. Any one of these certifications would be an asset to your professional career as a virtual professional.

Milrich Virtual Professionals encourages all of our assistants to increase their value to clients by obtaining relevant certifications in their areas of expertise. It is often a good idea to take the courses leading up to these certifications, even if it is in an area you know well. The benefits of extended learning include a faster growing professional career as a virtual assistant and a happier work from home lifestyle.


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