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Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Blog

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Why do you want to start a blog?

Starting a blog can be achieved in 30 minutes or less but you need to decide what you are trying to achieve with the blog you are creating. Are you doing it to gain recognition in a specific field you are involved in? Are you trying to lend your experience and advice to others? Want to create a forum where people can share ideas and interact? Or are you starting a blog for your new business and you want to gain a little advantage over your completion with this blog? Regardless of your reason for creating a blog it is essential to have a plan. Having a plan will cause your blog to be much more successful, easier to start, and easier to maintain.

What will your blog focus on? There are many different areas of focus that you can choose from for your blog. Just a few examples: Recipes and/or Healthy Living, Fashion, Business and Finance, Travel, Fitness, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Parenting or Mommy Blogs, Farming, etc.

Picking a focus for your blog will be beneficial to you and your readers. It will help you organize your thoughts and the stories you want to tell, which will then have readers not only coming back for more but passing your link onto others.

Your blog should not only be something you fancy yourself an expert in but it should also be something you are passionate about. This so called expertise and passion will help you create content and set your blog apart from others. Finding a niche market for your blog is the foundation your blog will be built on.

How Often Should I Post

Weekly – A great way to start your blog that allows time to come up with content and stories that say something that others haven’t while offering something special to your followers. Unfortunately, everyone else in your niche blog market will be doing the same thing so the quicker you can publish content more frequently the more successful your blog will be.

Daily – Posting daily will be very hard to do in the beginning with one publisher. But, it will help your blog become successful and get the recognition you may be looking for.

Domain Name

A domain name is like your house address, but the cool part is you get to choose what street you live on. Setting up your domain name is fairly simple and as long as no one else has the name you are hoping for then you can name it whatever you want. Choosing your domain name is important because it is how people will locate you on the internet. So make sure it is relevant to what you are blogging about and something that people will remember.

Blog Host

Once you choose your domain name you need to choose somewhere to host your blog. There are free sites that will host your blog, but technically you do not own your blog and they have the rights to take it down if they want. Your best option is to use a hosting site like BlueHost. BlueHost is a great hosting site because it uses WordPress which is ideal for blogging and you can also register your domain. There are fees included with BlueHost but you will be the owner of your blog and your content.

Design– Designing your blog is the fun part of blogging and will make it seem real and allow you to put your personal touches on it. It is also a good way to set the tone of your blog and give visuals about the content you are trying to produce. BlueHost and other sites offer templates to help you easily set up your blog so you can focus on producing good content.

Starting a blog should fun and simple enough for even a novice blogger. Just remember to create a plan of what you want to blog about, stay consistent to be successful, and pick a good domain and hosting site that will help with the technical side of things. Following these steps will help you set up your blog in a short time with no hassles. Happy blogging!

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