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Refreshing Your Mind During Spring Break

Spring Break is already here and if you’re one of the many business owners or virtual assistants who have children and work from home, you’ll soon miss the quiet monotony that characterizes your workday. But what if Spring Break was a time to refresh your mind? More likely than not, you’re questioning if it’s even possible without being completely away from work and home. In this blog post, we’ll suggest strategies for refreshing your mind. So, if you already see yourself working from home during your children’s Spring Break, then these strategies are for you.

enjoying the outdoors during spring break

Reward Yourself

Okay, so you’re not able to take off work as a business owner. Or, maybe you simply work from home as a virtual assistant or any fully remote job. That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something good and relaxing. Eat your favorite comfort foods and snacks during the workday. It allows you to have something to look forward to, whether you’re snacking in the office or going to a restaurant as a family. It really is the little things that matter. Food isn’t the only way to treat yourself. Sometimes taking care of ourselves helps relieve stress from our responsibilities, even for an hour. Taking a bath, organizing the house, and getting outdoors could help you refocus on the bigger picture of life, whatever that picture may look like for you. 

work life balance

Disconnect from Work

Perhaps your home office also happens to be your bedroom or kitchen. If this is you, then it isn’t surprising if you also feel as if you cannot detach from work. Maybe you communicate with team members, your boss, and corporate via direct messaging platforms on your phone. What if you are the boss? The inability to disconnect from work contributes to burnout and elevated stress, which can worsen when Spring Break calls us to cater to our children all day, every day. There are two types of work separation, physical and psychological. Although separating physically from work may not be possible, disconnecting psychologically is something you can do regardless of your role. Begin by establishing work boundaries and informing your boss and teammates about your valuable time. There’s only so much of it in the day to cover work, home, social, and personal obligations equally. If you struggle to set boundaries with people, then it’s time to mute your notifications after you clock out. That’s right. Even if you’re the CEO, you have to realize that dropping your plans for a nonurgent client or employee concern is not ideal.

Indulge in Your Interests and Hobbies 

Reading a book as a hobby

Many of us have felt that we’ve lost touch with our personal interests. After all, we have children to feed and bills to pay. Still, maintaining your hobbies makes for a balanced, fulfilled daily life. It may seem too much at times, but even thirty minutes doing something you like can lighten your mood and take your attention away from certain stress. So, get back to that Facebook group of passionate readers, artists, writers, or whatever hobby of yours that you’ve forgotten until you came across this blog. If you’re the type of person who likes doing things in the comfort of your home, then get to it! Watch the new show you’ve been waiting to see. The time is now. Indulge in your interests and hobbies, then tell us in the comments how you spent this Spring Break. 

Focus on Family, Friends, and Other Social Activities

The biggest opportunity to refresh is with family. It can be stressful having children with you from the time you begin the workday to the time you clock out; however, you can still make memories that could last a lifetime simply by spending time together and planning activities that the whole family can enjoy. But of course, we know that’s easier said than done. Your children may not like the things you, your partner, or their siblings enjoy. They might want to hang out with friends, go to an arcade in the mall, or be left alone. If your children are still little, then this likely doesn’t yet apply to you. But if they’re reaching teen years and beyond, letting them spend time with their friends while you spend time with yours might be a better strategy. Everyone wins and comes home feeling refreshed. Catch up with friends, plan a date with your partner, or engage with other social groups. Getting out there and feeling like you have control of your time to do fun activities with family or friends helps you feel more connected and fulfilled in life. 

family fun during spring break

It’s easier said than done, but it’s always possible to refresh your mind during Spring Break in various ways, even the little things. You can eat good food, have a self-care day, and get the house in order. If you’re still working during this time, then it’s never been a better time to set work boundaries, even if you’re a business owner. Turn off your work notifications, inform team members and clients of your available times, and prioritize what really matters. Reignite your interests and hobbies, whether you’re alone or in a group setting or offline or online. It’s time to do something enjoyable because your children don’t have to be the only ones getting a break. You and the family can find ways to make quality memories or plan to let everyone spend their time how they wish, so everyone wins at the end of the day. Let us know what you’ll be doing during the Spring Break period in the comments and share with someone you think could use these strategies. 


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