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Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

There is a lot of conflicting information out there on business development and marketing. Everyone wants to be an expert and tell you how to run your business. There are entire businesses devoted to teaching business owners the fundamentals of marketing in an attempt to grow their business.

One day the world embraces Facebook as a free solution to the web presence you know you need. The next day, Facebook is dying and everyone is migrating to Instagram, also a free alternative. Then, there are Facebook ads and Twitter accounts, and Pinterest, but only if your business is consumer-based, or product-based, or who knows what else.

Despite all the modern tech hype, your business needs a website for these reasons:

1. Without a web presence your business doesn’t exist

The most important reason you need a website is probably that without it a majority of potential clients cannot find your business. Searching the internet is the way most people look for your type of products or services, and without a website, you don’t show up. Potential clients cannot do business with you if they don’t even know you are in business.

2. A website gives you a platform to showcase your products or services

A website is a space you control for the betterment of your business. It allows you a place to describe your services in your own words, showcase customer reviews, and show off industry awards. This is where you can distinguish your business from competitors by accentuating features you offer customers that they don’t. Describing your products and services is an essential part of winning new business.

3. Building brand credibility is easier with a website

Brand recognition requires visuals, and on the internet, more people see your branding than through any other medium. Another means of creating credibility for your company is by associating with other highly respected brands in your industry. A website makes it easy to show these associations through links and other references.

4. New customer relationships begin on your website

While you are tending to your existing customers, and even while you are sleeping, your website is helping your business develop new relationships with potential customers. New customers can find you on the internet or pick up your business card at a networking function and learn about your business through your website. If you had to develop these new relationships by telling your story over and over again to potential customers, you would never get off the phone.

5. A website increases your potential customer base by a lot

If you have a store on Main Street, you can easily track the number of people who walk by each day. With enough research and data analysis, you could figure out that a certain percentage of those people will become your customers. In this scenario, your business growth is limited to a portion of the number of people who walk down Main Street, many of whom are not even looking for the services you offer. A website puts your business in a place where millions of people could see it. You also have the opportunity to target your website marketing so that a majority of the people who see your business are actually looking for the services you provide.

It is easy to see that your business needs a website, and even easier to use a virtual assistant in your website creation project. A virtual assistant can organize and track the project for you with expert attention to detail, develop your web content, make milestone payments to contractors, and even write web content for your business. Since you need a website for your business, you definitely need a virtual assistant for website work.


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