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What is Blogging?

You’ve probably heard a lot about blogging since the birth of the world wide web. It’s very likely that you have read many different kinds of blogs posted in different forums on a variety of different topics. You are reading one right now, so chances are you have a good idea of what a blog is. It’s also likely that the meaning of the word has changed for you since you first heard about it. Blogging today is not as limited as it once was at its inception. It has taken on a whole new life and left us asking just what is blogging?

The Start

When blogging first starting gaining momentum most people looked at it as nothing more than a personal diary. There were sites created to link the journals of strangers together so that they could share with, comment to, and friend others that also enjoyed chronicling their lives regardless of age, location, or how particularly exciting that life was. You had the option of keeping your blog completely private to use as a personal outlet that only you had access to or to post it publicly for anyone with an internet connection to view. The popularity grew and was likely noticed by social networking creators who were able to benefit greatly from the knowledge that people loved to not only talk about themselves, but they also loved hearing others talk about themselves.

The Evolution

Unlike the early days of blogging, the blogs of today are often part of something bigger. It may be a personal website, a company page, or even part of a self-ran business. Blogging has branched out from the journaling sites of its creation and started to stand alone.

Blogs of today have unlimited themes and purposes. Those themes and purposes are interlaced by networks of like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. Chances are if there is an interest, there is a blog to match. Though personal memoirs have not ceased to exist most blog sites today have a more specific subject matter and agenda.

The use of additional social networking sites to share tidbits of our day-to-day activities and snapshots of our favorite moments has somewhat quenched the desire to spill it all in one place. A once unheard of thought, blogging today can also be very lucrative. Many use blogging as a way to market their businesses or showcase their products or services, and then there are those that are paid just because of their popularity and ability to entertain the masses.

What is a Blogger?

A blogger can be anyone. He or she just needs to possess the desire to blog and select a platform to present it on. The world of blogging caters to every view and style. Bloggers are just as diverse as their readers and their readers are any numbers of the over 3 billion estimated internet users worldwide. A blogger can be any age, from any background, and they don’t have to have any experience to get started. When you think about it in those terms it makes more sense to ask who isn’t a blogger? Though not everyone will feel the creative urge, many will find that blogging can be a great creative outlet for any number of uses.

What is Blogging to You?

If blogging is something that interests you from either a reader or a writer’s point of view then the great news is that it is easy to get started. A quick google search will lead you to an interesting read and there are many sites that offer free hosting to allow you to create your own blog and let those creative juices flow. In the end, what blogging is, is up to you. You are both the creator and the consumer.

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