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The Key Qualities to Look for in a High-Performing Virtual Assistant

You know a virtual assistant is the right choice for your business, but how do you find the right one? If you’ve never considered hiring a virtual assistant, it’s easy to miss the warning signs of a poor work ethic, lack of communication skills, and other red flags. Luckily, you’ve come across our blog. Here we cover the key qualities to look for in a virtual assistant.

The Key Qualities of a High-Performing Virtual Assistant

The best virtual assistants have enough learning experience to get the work completed on time, handle conflict, and clarify their thought process. They are dedicated, hard working, transparent, confident, and professional. A high-performing virtual assistant has the key qualities of: 

a high performing virtual assistant working
  • Working in a timely manner

  • Maintaining communication

  • Asking consistent questions 

  • Requesting feedback

  • Setting and respecting boundaries  

Let’s take a look at each of these more closely. 

A High-Performing Virtual Assistant Works in a Timely Manner 

clock and plant on virtual assistant desk

Working in a timely manner is crucial for a virtual assistant. They should be able to prioritize tasks effectively, meet deadlines, and manage their time efficiently. This quality is a clear indicator of their reliability and dedication.

A High-Performing Virtual Assistant Maintains Communication 

virtual assistant speaking with a client on the phone

Maintaining communication is another essential quality. A good virtual assistant will keep you updated on the progress of tasks, promptly respond to emails and messages, and proactively reach out if they have any questions or concerns. 

A High-Performing Virtual Assistant Asks Consistent Questions 

virtual assistant asking questions

Asking consistent questions demonstrates the virtual assistant's commitment to understanding your business and its needs. There should be no hesitation to seek clarification or additional information to ensure they are on the right track and delivering the results you expect.

A High-Performing Virtual Assistant Requests Feedback

virtual assistant receiving feedback from client

Requesting feedback is a sign of a proactive and growth-oriented virtual assistant. They should be open to receiving feedback on their work and use it constructively to improve performance. This quality shows their willingness to learn and adapt to meet your expectations.

A High-Performing Virtual Assistant Sets and Respects Boundaries

professional boundary and work life balance

Setting and respecting boundaries is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. A good virtual assistant will communicate their availability and establish clear boundaries to ensure they are able to deliver high-quality work without overextending themselves. 


Hiring a virtual assistant with the above qualities can significantly improve your business. These high-performing virtual assistants ensure deadlines are met through communication, intentions remain clear with questions and feedback, and work-life balance is upheld with set boundaries. If you enjoyed this blog post, reach out to us so we can help you find the right fit for your business. We handle a variety of functions including HR, bookkeeping, data entry and management, and digital marketing. Start by scheduling a call with us today! 


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